All belt levels and ages from 13 to 99 years old are welcome. Classes are held on Sundays from 8:00 - 9:30 am

All belts levels are welcome to this class. Students are introduced to the traditional techniques and work with partners.

Jujutsu can be translated to "Soft  Technique" and is based on empty handed techniques that use an opponents force against them rather than meeting the force directly. Jujutsu classes at West Coast Gojukai are taught by Donna Gardecki Shihan. This style is especially effective for women and/or smaller persons although larger frames are also able to benefit from this style of training. This style is particularly effective if you are interested in self defence training.

Kokodo Jujutsu is practised in 12 countries around the globe under the guidance of Soke Irie Yasuhiro. kokodo.org

The North American headquarters (Honbu) is here in Vancouver. The Chief Instructor in North America is Michael Seamark Hanshi.  More details about that are available at www.sadohana.com 

Congratulations to Trish Pattison and Don Hansen, members of the Kokodo Jujutsu study group at West Coast Gojukai

It is easy to start Jujutsu and easy to stop Jujutsu. The "just getting to the dojo" part is the hardest. Keep it up!!