Adults and Teens/Youth

Check the Class Calendar for class times - All programs are held at the dojo.

West Coast Gojukai,
99 Moray Street,
Port Moody

For more information or to arrange your first class call:
778-355-Goju (4658) or

You can also check us out on Facebook at westcoastgojukai

Whether you are looking for an outlet for daily stress, an entertaining way to get fit, improve as a Karate athlete or to explore a traditional approach to martial arts we have something to offer you.

We focus on self-control and self-improvement. The dojo is run along traditional lines with some modern touches. While we don't always do push ups in a river we do have a lot of fun.

Traditional karate classes are offered for Teens and Adults.

For Teens and Young adults (aged 12 - 17) we have classes for beginners and advanced together on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM - 6:55PM at the dojo.

Adult beginners classes are held on Wednesdays and beginners are also welcome to join more experienced students on Mondays or Friday mornings.

A Girls/Womens Class is held regularly on Tuesdays from 6pm - 7pm - it's a great time to start something you always wanted to try.

Tuesday evenings we have a Bunkai class that is open to advanced level students.

Other programs offered at West Coast Gojukai:
All Levels Yoga classes for gentle stretching, Jujutsu classes for self defence and Weapons training for those interested in traditions from Okinawa.