West Coast Gojukai Karate

Summer schedule for Karate, Yoga, Tai Chi and Workout classes


Welcome to the warmth of summer and the newness that seems to be in the air these days.
The dojo continues to offer a variety of programs for people looking for something to do this summer.
Parents interested in training with their kids for the summer - punch cards are available.


Summer Karate

  • Classes continue as they are, until further notice, until Tuesday September 7th when we are back in the dojo for training.

  • Partner work will slowly be reintroduced over the summer

  • Kids, Bring Bo staff (sticks) starting July 5th

  • Punch Cards are available for persons not on a package or that have not paid for summer training. Cards can be shared between family/kids. One person = one punch. 1 card / 8 punches (8 classes). Can be used between July 1 and September 3 for karate or weapon's classes. Speak to Shihan Gardecki about pricing details.

No classes on

  • Thursday July 1

  • Monday Aug 2

  • Monday September 6

Annual Summer shutdown:

  • Dojo closed between August 9 - 20th


  • Hatha Yoga session Tuesdays 9-10 AM from July 6 - Aug 3 - See the Yoga page

Tai Chi

  • Beginner Tai chi session Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 from July 6 - Aug 3 - See the Tai Chi page

Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons training)

  • Training continues Saturday mornings from 9-10:15 am in Mundy Park

  • Contact Shihan for details on pricing -- Punch Card option available for the summer.

Morning Workouts in the park

  • Workouts Tuesday/Thursday 6:15 am in Mundy park from July 6 - August 31 (no classes Aug 10,12,17,19) - See the Morning workout page

This is the perfect time for the whole family to start:

  • Find renewal,

  • Exercise for health,

  • Make friends,

  • Learn new skills

  • Join in for regular training

Whatever your motivation, come and try something new.

We are devoted to a community spirited, traditional approach to training in the martial art of Gojukai Karate-Do. Regular classes are held during the week for children, teenagers and adults of all ages. New students are always welcome.

Be more active and get some fitness into your schedule!

As a member of the International Karate-Do Gojukai Association Canada we are part of a world wide organisation dedicated to peace and respect for ourselves and others. Our karate training follows the teachings of the late Master Gogen Yamaguchi (The Cat).

Be your best